Product image 1Right left - President Penguin Trucker Cap Duyster
Product image 2Front left - President Penguin Trucker Cap Duyster
Product image 3Back side snap - President Penguin Trucker Cap Duyster
Product image 4Penguin logo on side - President Penguin Trucker Cap Duyster
Product image 5Tropical - Trucker Cap Duyster
Product image 6Industrial - Trucker Cap Duyster
Product image 7Industrial - Trucker Cap Duyster

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DUYSTER comes from the Dutch word duister, which is a mixture of dark and mystery. The dark President Penguin text on the front gives this black cap a premium and elegant look.

About the cap

Are you looking for an original and awesome cap of the highest possible quality? Mission completed!

The President Penguin trucker cap is made from 100% cotton. The President Penguin text (on the front) and the small penguin logo (on the side) are stitched to perfection.

You can easily adjust the size with the snap on the back. It’s the standard size for adults (57cm / 22 inch), which makes the cap fit almost everyone.

Product Details

We are extremely proud of the quality of our caps. That’s why we love to share some more details for the product nerds like us.

This cap consists of six panels, where most caps only have five. You can see that the front of the cap is divided by a seam in the middle, which gives you a better fit.

The cap is made from 100% cotton. You can see that the front two panels are closed, while the sides and back are made from mesh. This makes it more breathable, to keep your head cool.

Stitched to perfection
The President Penguin text and the small penguin on the side are stitched, not printed. This creates a beautiful texture on every cap.

Shipping & Delivery

You can find the estimated costs and shipping times per country in the table below. Please note that both are an estimation. The shipping time below is not guaranteed. The exact shipping costs will depend on the exchange rate, delivery method, and payment method.

Location Costs Estimated Delivery
Netherlands €5.50 2-3 business days
Belgium €6.00 2-3 business days
Germany €6.00 2-3 business days
Austria €6.00 3-4 business days
UK £8.20 3-4 business days
France €9.00 3-4 business days
Italy €15.00 3-4 business days
Spain €15.00 3-4 business days
Rest of Europe €15.00 4-10 business days
USA $22.00 10-20 business days
Canada C$29.20 10-20 business days
Australia A$32.20 10-20 business days
Rest of World $27.50 10-20 business days
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